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A quieter Condor!


AirForce Talons and Condors are inexpensive, powerful and accurate precharged airguns. Now they can be quiet ones, too!

American shooters are embracing the precharged pneumatic (PCP) airgun for all the wonderful attributes it brings. PCPs are highly accurate, powerful and fun to shoot. They feel more like a .22 rimfire than an airgun-especially to shooters more familiar with spring-piston guns that recoil and vibrate. The modern PCP has a good trigger, deadly accuracy, lots of shots per air charge, and can be lighter and slimmer than a spring rifle of comparable power. And, one of the best PCPs is made in Fort Worth, Texas, by AirForce Airguns.



Yes, PCPs have a lot going for them, but they also have one major detractor-noise. Where a spring-piston gun discharges quietly, a PCP makes a pop almost as loud as a rimfire, and the powerful Condor is just as loud as a .22 rimfire. Noise is one thing airgunners don't like, so they've either stayed away from PCPs altogether or they've risked legal problems by buying or making silencers that flirt with the law.


When AirForce came out with their 25 foot-pound Talon SS, shooters started buying them so fast that the gun soon passed all European models to become the top-selling PCP in the U.S. But, since all AirForce guns have interchangeable barrels, Talon SS owners quickly discovered that replacing their standard 12-inch Lothar Walther barrel with an optional 18-inch barrel gave them more velocity and finer control of the gun's adjustable power. Unfortunately, it also did away with the sound suppression, making the gun as loud as any other PCP in the 32 foot-pound class. That gave us an idea!

Ever since the SS came out, shooters pleaded with AirForce to lengthen the frame to enclose the longer 18-inch barrel, but the company had difficulties keeping up with demand for the guns they already made. A couple years back, D&B Sales began making a custom Talon SS gun with an 18-inch barrel and a special extended end cap to keep the noise low.

We ported the Walther barrel near the muzzle so the air could start to escape before the pellet exited, and the new end cap turned that air blast back into the larger air chamber it helped to create. The result was just about ideal-a rifle with Talon power and control yet Talon SS sound levels (or better!).

Unfortunately, the modified gun cost a lot more money to build. The EDM machining of the ports was expensive, plus a new longer Walther barrel had to be purchased for every rifle. The end cap added more cost, so the total for the modification took a bargain AirForce rifle back up to almost the cost of a British PCP. And, it was a lot of work to make!



Bill is a friend who watched the success we were having with the AirForce guns, so when he said he thought he could do just as good a job for a lot less money, we listened. His idea is not different than what's occurred to a lot of AirForce owners. If the factory won't lengthen the frame, they'll do it themselves. Only, Bill did it right, which is to say his product looks good on the gun.


Bill calls his product The Frame Extender. It takes full advantage of what AirForce started by creating a longer interior volume to dissipate the high-pressure air blast that would normally exit the muzzle. It's simple in concept and execution but very clever.

A hollow tube with a special end cap fits neatly inside the frame of a Talon, Talon SS or Condor. A hole in the tube accepts the AirForce end cap screw and leaves plenty of frame extender tube inside the gun for stability. It goes on quick and easy, yet what it does to the noise is very exciting

Bill also does something extra that the home craftsman can't do, and that's probably the reason his extender works so well. He designed a special flange inside his end cap to turn back the high-pressure air and get it moving back into the open chamber. At the instant the pellet blocks the opening, the air is directed back on itself, creating turbulence that dissipates the energy of the air blast.



Bill makes his extender in three lengths-one for the SS, another for the 18-inch barreled Talon that has a shorter frame and a third one for the new high-power Condor with its 24-inch barrel. The Condor model also works on the Talon SS when the optional 24-inch barrel is installed. Because all AirForce barrels are interchangeable, the extender lengths are based on the barrel that comes standard on the gun, but nothing says you can't put a long Condor extender on an SS that still has the regular 12-inch barrel installed.


Calibers aren't a problem either, as the same extender handles both .22 and .177. The hole in the end cap is large enough to accommodate the .22 pellet, which means the .177 has more room, but the slightly lower report of the .177 makes up for the small difference.

The extenders are available in matte black or a matte silver, which contrasts nicely with the AirForce black frame. And, while there are sizes and finishes to choose from, we have made the pricing simple at $50 plus shipping. No matter which extender you choose, the price is the same. Multiple extender orders do save on shipping, of course.



We always tell customers who wonder if this device works to remove the end cap from their Talon SS and fire the gun a couple of times. They're surprised how much sound that simple end cap has been holding back! Imagine the possibilities of a purpose-built extended "end cap"!

Our frame extenders increase the volume behind the end cap, so they naturally do more-even without Leavell's special end cap design. Add that to the design, and the reduction is really incredible. It's not completely silent, of course, but it definitely takes off the sharp edge. Condor owners can now shoot in places where they haven't been welcome in the past.

The frame extenders are quite simple to install. Just remove the regular end cap, slip the extender down into the frame until the positioning hole aligns with the end cap screw hole and attach with the same screw. It takes only two minutes to make your higher-powered AirForce rifle sound tamer.

You can call him at 316-524-4721

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Bill Leavell
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(Please include an additional $25 for orders outside the USA)